Source Navigator in place

Just to keep everyone up to date with the project.
I have now put in the source navigator. I have copied the graphics and style from the navigator in WUDSN so that it is familiar to people who have used WUDSN before.
At present, it doesn’t display equates, but if there is a call for that, I will put it in.
Anyway, here’s a new screen shot:


No to get the find and replace dialogs and functions in. Then the editor itself is done.
After that, I will put in the code to call the assemblers and report back to the user with either success or failure options.
I will then create the links to the emulators (Atari800MacX on OSX, Atari800Win and Altirra for Windows), so that the IDE can be used as is.
The sprite editor will come after that. I plan to create an editor that will allow the user to create and preview animated sprites. They will, by default, be saved as a binary file, however, like I plan to create for the character set editor, I will introduce some code export options as well.
Although the screen shot here is still showing the New Screen button on the toolbar, this will be removed. The Atari allows us to create an almost infinite amount of different screen configurations, and with DLI’s, we can even expand on that. So, creating an effective editor would require a great deal of work, more than I want to do before I can release version 1 of this IDE. Therefore, I will be removing any functionality for that area for now.