SourceEditor and Character Editor complete

Time for a quick update on the development environment.

The Main code editor is almost complete (I think). I have written it from scratch, using a canvas, to allow me total control over it.
It has full syntax highlighting that is changeable, dependent on the assembler being used and code folding. I still have to implement the source navigation and search facilities.
The project manager is also in place and 80% functional. As I work on other parts of the project that impact on it, I will make the changes then.

Picture 1

The basic character set editor is now finished. At present, it only saves to binary format, so the character set can be directly included in the source, but I may also add an export facility to create source code.

Picture 2

The preferences window is being created as I do each area of the main program, therefore, I have done the Code Editor and Character Editor sections only, so far.

Picture 4
Picture 5